Extracted, the 33rd report to the Club of Rome, translated by ARCoR and launched in Romanian

33 reports to the Club of Rome were published during the 46 years of activity. The latest work, called Extracted and signed by Prof. Ugo Bardi, was translated in Romanian, with the support of Tudor Foundation, under the title Planeta epuizată – Cum goana după bogății minerale jefuiește Planeta.

The launch event was celebrated on the 29th of October 2014 and hosted by the National Bank of Romania. In the presence of the Executive Director of ARCoR Mugur Tolici; the General Secretary of ARCoR, Liviu Tudor; the Honorary Members of ARCoR –  President Ion Iliescu and President Emil Constantinescu; Ambassadors, Ministers, scientists, bankers and businessmen, members of the Romanian Chapter followed the presentation of Prof. Ugo Bardi and engaged in an interesting dialog with the author.

Ugo Bardi explained how the gradual depletion of mineral resources is affecting the economy and the planetary ecosystem. The millions of years in which the Planet created all these minerals, under conditions that are unrepeatable, are now being reversed by the way we have come to extract them. Not only are we forever changing the landscape, but will also have to deal with the increasing price of extracting these minerals. As the entire world economy is depending on natural resources, the long term consequences are irreparable.  He emphasized the fact that minerals are not going extinct, but that it has become harder, more environmental damaging and much more expensive to extract them from ore.

Questions from economists interested in this theory were also followed by comments and opinions. Some reminded that water seems to be more of an issue, while the professor explained that minerals are the only resource that cannot be renewed, not even in a very long period of time, such as water or vegetation. Whereas others have showed that similar issues were rightfully raised by CoR in 1972 and that in 2014 we are still discussing them, though several steps have been made in terms of consciousness and sustainability. Among the optimists of the event, President Ion Iliescu mentioned that he has faith in the capability of the human race to rise above these issues and find a solution to this problem.

Liviu Tudor encouraged the members of ARCoR to come with ideas and proposals, after presenting a few issues discussed at the international event in Mexico. As such, he also talked about the fact that CoR has a new Secretary General, Mister Graeme Maxton, with a new program and a platform that he wishes to implement.

The event was followed by a formal dinner, occasion for more dialog and exchange of ideas.


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